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MPOWER at a Glance

MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit will feature a comprehensive agenda packed with targeted, highly informative breakouts. Gain, tangible knowledge throughout the summit on main stage and in breakout sessions – topics will cover:

Data Protection, Privacy and Regulatory Compliance

Privacy in an outsourced world, data governance and collecting data are all issues facing enterprises today. Hear best practices and learnings from the experts and other enterprises.

Alec Christie, Partner and Head of Digital Law for Asia Pacific EY – Privacy Law Developments Impacting Asia Pacific – What you need to know

Data privacy and security issues affect every industry. Every business function requires careful attention placed on storing and protecting the privacy of personal information, while maintaining the integrity of company, customer or third party data. In this session Alec will cover some of the regional privacy laws, including the impending Australian changes in February 2018 along with the implications of the ‘GDPR’ European privacy law on the region. With rapidly evolving global and local laws crossing geographical and industry boundaries, Alec will share how to navigate the legal and the practical challenges businesses face, and provide some practical guidance to address these challenges.

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McAfee Tech Session – Privacy and Compliance By Design
Protecting data and any vector in which data traverses has become a central point of focus for just about every organisation concerned about becoming the next headline due to a breach and malicious exfiltration of confidential or PII data. Security teams must be enabled to stop data breaches, safeguard intellectual property and assets, and demonstrate regulatory compliance all from a single solution that protects data at rest, in use, and in motion across endpoints, networks, and cloud-based services.

Solutions Demonstrated : DLP, Endpoint and Web Gateway

Session Type : Technical

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McAfee Tech Session – Better Securing your Remote Workforce
An increasing mobile workforce – particularly senior-level executives having unrestricted access to sensitive data – presents some of the highest risks and security challenges to organisations today. When your employees roam outside the office walls, they quickly become prime targets for hackers via unsecured free wi-fi hotspots or man-in-the-middle attacks. Providing a pervasive secure connection between the cloud and endpoints ensuring web traffic is secure, eliminates the gap of off-network protection, and ensures every user and device is secure wherever they travel.

Solutions Demonstrated : McAfee DLP, McAfee Cloud Access Security Broker, Web Gateway and Data Encryption

Session Type : Technical

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Solving Complexity with Collaboration

Security Innovation Alliance Program, security vendors working together, sharing threat intelligence, solution integration are all important to help achieve the ultimate goal in bringing the industry together to make the world a safer place. Hear what experts recommend and what customers and governments are doing to solve this issue.

McAfee Tech Session
DXL Technology Partner Demonstration

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McAfee Tech Session – Automated Security Operations is a Reality
Research shows that 3 out of 5 organizations see manual processes as holding them back from better organisational effectiveness when it comes to security analytics and operations. You need smarter prioritization and contextualization to support the detection, hunting, and understanding of new threat tactics that are increasingly more complex, subtle, and multi-vector. The business and security outcomes from human-machine teaming can be dramatic, with vastly increased case capacity, reduced training overhead of staff, and ultimately reduced exposure to threat actors with diminished breach dwell times.

Solutions Demonstrated: Enterprise Security Manager (SIEM), Endpoint, McAfee Active Response (EDR), McAfee Threat intelligence Exchange

Session Type : Technical

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Human Factors in Cyber Resiliency

This important theme will cover advice around awareness, training and education required within organisations.  It will address the ongoing skills shortage, cultural changes required and diversity issues. Hear best practices and examples from the experts around how they are dealing with these issues.

Panel – Women in Security: Kristin Lyons, CISO Australia Post, Michelle Price, COO Australian Cyber Security Growth Network, Sandra Ragg, Head of the Office of the Cyber Security Special Adviser
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Nathan Morelli, Manager, ICT Assurance Department for Education and Child Development
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Shifts in the Cybercrime Landscape

This theme will deep dive into the biggest threats in recent time. Phishing, whaling, ransomware, threat actors, fraud, geopolitical are all massive issues that will be discussed.

Dave Marcus, Director Advanced Programs Group’s Intelligence Team – Evolving Adversaries: Behind the veil of the most sophisticated cyber-attacks and how today’s attackers continue to evolve their tactics, techniques and procedures
Join Dave Marcus of the Advanced Programs Group’s Intelligence Team for an in-depth session on how two of today’s advanced adversaries, namely APT10 and Shamoon, are continuing to evolve their tactics, techniques and procedures to improve how they orchestrate attacks. True actionable, insightful intelligence is needed now more than ever before. This session will also provide guidance on how you can defend and respond in today’s complex cyber threat landscape and prepare you to better anticipate and address tomorrow’s attacks.

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McAfee Tech Session – Mastering Endpoint Security
It’s well known that endpoints present a vulnerable target for bad guys, often serving as an initial foothold in damaging attacks. There’s no lack of debate about how to best solve the issue, with many arguments centering around what new technology or which model works best – pure intelligence from the cloud or robust agent horsepower; conventional protection or next-gen. We believe you shouldn’t be faced with an “or” decision when it comes to defending endpoints – you need the full spectrum of collaborative capabilities from conventional to next-gen across the threat defense lifecycle through a consolidated agent footprint and single management experience.

Solutions Demonstrated : Endpoint, Threat Intelligence Exchange, McAfee Active Response (EDR)
Session Type : Technical

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Mastering Cyber and Business Risk

From case studies to customer insights and experiences, this theme will explore cybersecurity strategy, cyber insurance, measurement, metrics and third party management.

Ian Yip, Chief Technology Officer, Asia Pacific McAfee How to process, focus and prioritise your efforts by taking a risk-based approach
The cyber threat landscape is evolving rapidly and cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated. While organisations would ideally like a large cybersecurity team and budget to protect themselves, most cannot afford to implement all the measures they would like. There needs to be actionable visibility of the threats in play at any point in time, and a logical approach tied to measurable outcomes that drive cybersecurity investment. This session covers the evolution of the threat landscape including the current state of play and where it is headed, the intelligence available to organisations, how to deal with the complexities and skills challenges that most organisations are facing, and the key strategies to help focus on the things that matter most to maximise cyber risk reduction.

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